For passengers

The maximum speed of the EZ10, with which we are currently doing tests, is 40 kilometers an hour. For technical and safety reasons, we do not drive faster than 20 kilometers an hour during the pilot stage.

A vehicle can carry a maximum of 12 passengers. (6 seats and 6 standing places).

At the moment, it is still a requirement set by the Government Road Transport Agency (‘RDW’) to have a steward on board. If necessary, the steward can press the emergency button and also manually drive the vehicle.

Yes, they can. Inside the vehicle, there is enough space for a wheelchair and it has a mobile access ramp by which wheelchair users can enter the minibus.

Yes, they can. The steward can also give assistance if required.

During the pilot stage, passengers can use the minibus free of charge, regardless how much use they make of it.

For businesses

In most countries, there is a national authority that has to give permission to each new vehicle that wants to use the roads. In the Netherlands, this is the ‘RDW’ (Government Road Transport Agency). The RDW also issues the license plates.